We make anything that will help you remember and celebrate all the greatest things in life.  

From milestone moments to your favorite state or city to your favorite game, Celegreat is dedicated to producing the highest quality wholesome celebration products.  

Celegreat was founded in 2023 by 2 dads who loved bringing fun to the surface of any experience and "making memories" no matter the cost!  

Our multi-faceted sales, service and product development experience makes us the perfect pair to host a "Celebration" brand.  Well, that and the 9 kids between our 2 families...  Let's just say, we know how to make fun happen even in the middle of chaos! 

 We think our products offer something for everyone.  No matter the occassion, we hope you can make it cele-Great! 

ben kono and kyle maurer
Celegreat co-founders Ben and Kyle