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New Home Owner Milestones Scratch Off Poster

New Home Owner Milestones Scratch Off Poster

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This fun poster is richly populated with 96 different milestones every home owner is sure to face. Whether you've owned a home for 1 month or years, you'll enjoy remembering all the good, and not so good times marked on this unique poster.
Do you have a friend who just bought a house? This is the perfect housewarming party gift. Add this to your Christmas Gift list for any new home owner in your life.
Easy to scratch off, durable by design. This poster is a great addition to any home.

  • Celebrate Your Journey - Scratch off 96 Homeowner Milestones, from the first night in your new home to meeting the neighbors. A perfect housewarming gift for new home buyers and real estate agents.


  • Thoughtful Design - Designed by two home-owning dads in the USA. This 23.4 x 16.5-inch poster features custom icons and gold circle scratch-off sections, revealing hidden pictures in 8 unique categories.


  • Create Lasting Memories - Use this poster as a fun home decor piece and an adventure challenge. Perfect for date night ideas, movie nights, or tracking your new home adventures. An essential for every new homeowner.

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